Privacy has never been more important

Our smartphone accompanies us through our lives every day. We take photos and share them on social networks or send messages to our loved ones or friends. Curious looks are nothing new anymore. Last but not least, it is data from online banking, passwords or sensitive information that can be accessed and visible on the smartphone. Many will use standard security software to protect personal data. This may protect against cyber attacks, but not against the curiosity of the person sitting next to you or a work colleague. Therefore, the obvious thing to do is to start with the hardware. has addressed this issue of privacy protection and developed a unique privacy case. This makes it impossible for people around you to read your cell phone screen. You see a black screen.

Have you ever lost your wallet or keys? Not only is it annoying or annoying, but it is also very expensive. Expensive new locking systems, card blocking and potentially large amounts of lost cash go hand in hand with the loss of these. With our AirTag wallet, it is possible to attach an Apple AirTag to this wallet and locate and recover it in the event of loss. Despite this, a wallet should not become uncomfortable or too thick.

We developed a visually appealing and durable wallet - with enough space for cards and cash, but also for the AirTag.

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